Hockey Equipment

Over the years as the game of hockey has evolved, so has the hockey equipment. Whether it be helmets, sticks, pucks, protective gear, or goalie equipment - the hockey equipment continues to evolve.

Hockey Skates

Skating is one of the most important and difficult hockey skills to master. Having a good pair of skates can make a world of difference in your hockey game and skating performance. Skates must fit properly and have stiff ankle support and good blade life. Your skate blades must be sharp, though not razor sharp, in order for you to stop, start and turn without falling.

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Hockey Sticks

For the longest time, hockey sticks have been made with wood. Then in the early 1990s came aluminum shafts as introduced by Easton. And now we are seen the influx of one piece composite hockey sticks, as numerous professional and recreational players are looking to try out these newer technologies. The hockey stick is an important piece of equipment because it is used for scoring and preventing goals.

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Hockey Equipment

Hockey players require a basic set of hockey equipment. Shin pads, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, helmet, jock strap, visor or cage, socks, and neck guard are all pieces of equipment used by most hockey players. To work properly, the equipment must fit properly so that it does not move or shift when you get body checked or skate around.

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Hockey Bags

As you can see above, an average hockey player has to haul around quite a bit of hockey equipment. Therefore, the need for a hockey bag large enough to carry all of your equipment is a given. Extra pockets to store pucks, used clothing, or water bottles can also be helpful.

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Goalie Equipment

It is often suggested that the goalies in hockey are unique, in terms of their personalities. This also holds true for their equipment. Apart from the obvious goalie pads, trappers, blockers, extra protection and stick, goaltenders also have specialized gear like helmets, neck guards, jock straps, and skates.

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