General Hockey Books

Here are some books providing a broad and diverse views and information on hockey.

Hockey For Dummies

Hockey for Dummies Hockey For Dummies - John Davidson & John Steinbreder.
Featuring the latest on Olympic hockey, the women's hockey phenomenon, and the latest NHL expansion teams, this Second Edition brings the game to life for fans, players, coaches, and parents. Action photos and play-by-play diagrams illustrate key plays and drills and offer conditioning tips for players at any level.

Hockey Cards

Hockey Cards Hockey Cards - Charlton International Inc.
The 13th Edition of Hockey Cards has been completely updated and revised to include secondary market values and auction results on sets and individual cards. Included is an alphabetical index cross-referencing every player, full player checklists and set information, and chapters on team issued sets for NHL, minor, junior and college clubs. An essential reference book.

Hockey Calender

Hockey Calender Hockey Calender - Dan Hamilton.
Covering the complete 2003-2004 NHL season from October 2003 through to December 2004 this calendar includes: 14 full-frame action photos of the game's top stars, as captured by the lens of legendary hockey photographer Dan Hamilton; Fascinating date-related trivia in the calendar grid that proves ideal for contests and friendly competitions; A sidebar for each month that features collectible trading card information and detailed narratives of NHL stars and awards.

Slap Shots : Hockey's Greatest Insults

Slap Shots Slap Shots : Hockey's Greatest Insults - Kevin Nelson.
Nelson recorded the absurdities and outrages of the nation's basketball courts and baseball fields in several highly successful anthologies of quotations, vignettes, and insults. Now he turns his ever vigilant eye and ear to the hockey arena, in a roundup of opinions as sharp as a skater's blades and as out of control as a runaway puck.

Hockey Sweater

Hockey Sweater Hockey Sweater - Roch Carrier, Sheldon Cohen & Sheila Fischman.
With every boy in a small Quebec town wearing the sweater of the Montreal Canadiens to play hockey, one child is horrified when, because of a mail order mix-up, he is forced to wear a Toronto Maple Leafs sweater. This little childrens book can pull on the heart strings of all hockey fans, young and old.